Installing Label Printer Driver on Mac

1. Before installation, please ensure the printer is connected and turned on!

2. You can download the latest version of Phomemo PM-246S's Mac Driver from this link. Double click the "pkg" installer to begin.   

Note: If the driver cannot be opened, please refer to this link to set Security & Privacy before installing driver.


3. Follow the installation steps until you receive "Installation was successful" message. 

4.Click "and go to "System Preferences" -> select"Security&Privacy"



5. Click "+" to set up a printer 


6. Select "Label Printer" -> click "Select Software" -> choose "Label Printer" -> click "Add" 


7. Set "Label Printer" as default printer



Prepare before use

1. Open desired file (e.g. a PDF). Click "File" and choose "Print". Select "Show Details"


2.Choose a paper size. 

If the size you need is not listed, then click "Manage Custom Sizes", input width and height, then click "OK".


3. Select "Printer Features" in "Preview", you can set up printer properties, such as "Media Tracking", "Darkness" and "Print speed". 


4. Select paper type in "Media Tracking". Choose from "Continuous", "Gap" or "Black Line".

5. Set the print density in "Darkness". Choose Darkness level (0-15). 

6. Set the print speed in "Print Speed". Choose speed (1~8 in/sec). 

To create custom-sized labels, please see this link